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100% Legal Risks


upon Bayer. Bayer believes it has meritorious defenses and intends to defend itself vigorously. Essure™: As of January 23, 2017, U.S. lawsuits from...

20% Pharmaceuticals


(2015: €299 million). These resulted particularly from charges of €401 million associated with Essure™, mainly for impairment losses on intangi...

20% Goodwill & other Intangible Assets


led to impairment losses of €391 million on intangible assets in connection with the product Essure™. In addition, impairment losses of €56 mil...

20% Other Operating Expenses


accounting measures taken in connection with legal proceedings relating to the products Xarelto™, Essure™ and Cipro™/Avelox™. In 2015, the â‚...

20% Independent Auditor’s Report


plaintiffs were applying for class action status. As of January 23, 2017, approximately 3,700 users of Essure™ had brought action against the Bayer...