Sustainable Conduct: Commitment to Employees and Society


  • Sustainability criteria consistently anchored in the supply chain
  • Strengthening efficiency and flexibility in production and logistics
  • Ethical action shapes dialogue and partnership with our customers
Sustainability (icon)

We aim to offer our customers innovative products and high-quality solutions. This requires us to efficiently and responsibly steer processes at all value creation stages: in procurement, in production, in logistics and in distribution.

Our supply chain is designed at both a global and regional level according to clear, sustainability-oriented criteria and standards. We not only examine and evaluate our suppliers’ sustainability performance, but also offer them support through partnership-based cooperation and training measures. In this way, we are able to implement our requirements together with our suppliers in the face of serious challenges such as eliminating child labor.

We continuously work at our production sites to react more rapidly to market developments and to achieve our ambitious quality and safety objectives through increased flexibility and the expansion of capacities. To achieve this, we invest continuously in our global production network. We steer our logistics services in equal measure according to quality, safety and environmental aspects.

Our partnership with our customers is shaped by responsibility. We integrate them at an early stage into our processes and address their needs with regard to the use of our products. We systematically analyze their satisfaction with our performance and safeguard our long-term business success by deriving optimization measures from this analysis.