Focus on Innovation


Innovation is a core element of Covestro’s strategy. The company is accounting for current and future needs and trends through systematic innovation management, a strong global presence with major innovation centers and pronounced customer centricity.

With the objective of maintaining and building on its own competitive position, Covestro continuously works to achieve innovations and improvements in products and in production and processing techniques, as well as with respect to business models and processes. The main goals here are to improve the performance of products and processes, increase their cost efficiency and open up new areas of application.

The focus in the Polyurethanes Business Unit (BU) is partly on increasing the flame retardance and insulation properties of the materials it supplies. The business unit is also researching alternatives to petrochemical raw materials. The Polycarbonates BU focuses mainly on reducing the weight of the relevant materials, increasing their energy efficiency and safety, and expanding design options. The Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties BU concentrates on further developing its own technology platforms and the related products in order, for example, to increase their efficiency and sustainability.

Cooperation is integral to the innovation management concept of Covestro. The company closely cooperates with customers, scientific institutions, start-up companies and academic spin-offs.