Focus on Innovation

Consumer Health

Our development activities for nonprescription ( OTC (over-the-counter) designates the business with nonprescription medicines. ) products focus primarily on the areas of dermatology, dietary supplements, pain relief, gastrointestinal complaints, allergy relief and cold symptoms, as well as foot and sun care products. Developments aligned to the desires and needs of consumers range from new formulations, delivery forms and solutions for specific customer requirements to new packaging designs, technical applications (apps, Custom Fit Kiosk for Dr. Scholl’s™ products) and medical devices. Consumer Health maintains a global network of research and development facilities, with sites in the United States, France, Germany and China.

Transitioning of current prescription medicines to OTC status (Rx-to-OTC switches) forms an integral part of our innovation strategy designed to offer new self-care solutions to consumers. In 2016, we were able to realize 30 new consumer-validated concepts and thus exceeded the target we had set.

Target 2016:

transition of 20 consumer-validated concepts into early development

In 2016, we introduced a number of new product line extensions for existing brands in various markets, including as follows:

The April 2016 expansion of our Claritin™ portfolio in the United States included ClariSpray™, a 24-hour nasal spray for treatment of allergy symptoms.

We began marketing Aleve™ Direct Therapy in the United States in June 2016, thereby expanding our range of analgesic products. This medical device for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used to help relieve lower back pain and tension.

We expanded our Alka-Seltzer™ product family in the United States in July 2016 to include another cold medicine in the Alka-Seltzer Plus™ line.

We launched the new 2-phase system for Elevit™ (Elevit™1 and Elevit™2) in Germany in October 2016. These two complementary products for the healthy development of babies are specially tailored to the increased nutrient requirements of women in the conception and pregnancy phases.