Sustainable Conduct – Commitment to Employees and Society


  • Attracting, developing and retaining the best managers and employees
  • Corporate culture: dialogue, Diversity designates the variation within the workforce in terms of gender, origin, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation and physical capability. , innovation
  • Creating attractive working conditions
  • Wide-ranging societal engagement
Employees (icon)

Our business success is based to a large extent on the knowledge, skills, commitment and satisfaction of our employees. As a modern international employer, we offer our employees attractive conditions and wide-ranging individual development opportunities. The key to this is our highly effective system of vocational and ongoing training, which we are continuously extending. Alongside professional training, we focus on conveying our corporate values (LIFE) and establishing a dialogue-oriented corporate culture based on trust, respect for diversity and equality of opportunity. That plays a part in employee satisfaction – along with our responsible approach to structuring working conditions, which includes fair and respectful treatment at work, a transparent, competitive and equitable compensation system, company pension plans, the ability to combine working with family commitments, flexible worktime arrangements and a working environment that fosters health.

Group target:

continuous improvement in employee satisfaction

Our global human resources strategy is designed to help us meet business needs in the future as well. It is adopted by the primary decision-making body of Bayer´s HR function, the HR Leadership Team, which also sets binding policies and defines priorities for all regions and organizational units. The HR Leadership Team is led by the Head of Human Resources & Organization. Our Group-wide Employee Survey, which is normally conducted about every two years, and our institutionalized feedback discussions and analyses aim to achieve a steady rise in satisfaction with Bayer as an employer. They enable us to monitor the effectiveness of our activities and make any necessary improvements. Focal areas include strengthening our innovation culture, which provides a trustful basis that encourages creativity, experimentation, collaboration and customer focus in all areas. In the most recent Employee Survey we received an employee satisfaction rating of 87%, thereby achieving our Group target.

As well as promoting our competitiveness, our forward-looking human resources strategy reflects our social responsibility to provide secure employment and stable incomes, and to foster social integration. We are also committed to supporting the general well-being of our employees with a wide range of projects and initiatives in the central areas of health, education and meeting basic social needs.